The Latest in Anxiety


The Best Supplements for Stress Relief

These natural remedies and supplements have shown promise in helping people manage stress.


The Effects of Social Media on Our Stress Levels

Does social media create stress? We looked into the research being done about how social media effects mental health. Here's what we learned.


The Link Between Cell Phones and Anxiety

We looked at recent studies that evaluated how cell phones impact our levels of stress and anxiety. Here's a look at the scientific evidence we found.


CBD And Anxiety: What You Need to Know (And Ask) Before Taking CBD

Anxiety disorders are the most prevalent mental health conditions in the United States. Data suggests CBD has powerful anxiolytic properties. But more research is needed to determine how much CBD to take and for how long.


Gun Violence Makes Us A More Anxious Nation

75% of Gen Z said they were stressed because of mass shootings—and 21% said the potential of a shooting at their school was a regular source of stress. It needs to stop.


Fifteen Million Americans Have Social Anxiety. Can CBD Help?

People with social anxiety may benefit from the health benefits CBD can offer, including lowering blood pressure and heart rate and providing a sense of calm and focus.


British Millenials Turning to CBD to Relieve Stress

Tuition costs, competitive job markets, and relationship anxiety are causing millennials to look for alternative treatments for stress including CBD oil.


CBD and Public Speaking: What You Need to Know

Many people feel anxious or stressed when they have to give a presentation at work or school. For those who experience this, CBD is an alternative treatment that can provide relief and make you feel better while doing public speaking.


CBD Oil for Stress and Anxiety

Many people are using CBD oil for its anxiety and stress relieving effects. Learn more about the different types of anxiety disorders, stress, and how CBD may affect certain symptoms.


Election anxiety is a real thing. Here are 6 ways to reduce stress before an election.

In a January 2017 survey by the American Psychological Association, about 57 percent of Americans reported the political climate to be a “significant source of stress.” Here's some ways to de-stress.


5 Ways CBD Can Ease Workplace Stress

From easing anxiety to helping get over the fear of public speaking to relieving pain, CBD may help you at your job.


8 Easy Ways to Reduce Workplace Stress—Without Leaving Your Desk

Stress can impact your performance at work. Here's a few simple ways to feel better and stay focused.


Is CBD a Golfer’s Cure for the Yips?

As high-handicappers look for anything to help their game, CBD emerges as a way to take the edge off, reduce stress, and (maybe) shave strokes off the score.

Doctors are finding new ways to treat anxiety.

3 Natural Remedies for Anxiety

Doctors offer some complementary and alternative approaches to this common condition.

Woman copes with anxiety.

My Story | CBD Helped Me Manage Anxiety—and Stress-Induced Alopecia

For one person, stress-induced alopecia was a wake-up call that she should take her anxiety more seriously. She turned to CBD oil.

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