Bluebird Botanicals Urges Congress to Remove Felony Provision In Hemp Farming Act

By Marc Lewis

Bluebird Botanicals, an established brand in the CBD space, has signed onto a letter urging Congress to reconsider provisions barring former felons from participating in legal cannabis.

In a statement, Brandon Beatty, Founder and CEO of Bluebird Botanicals, said, “People convicted of drug related crimes have already paid the price determined by the courts, often for a plant that is now legal across much of the United States. Establishing a lifetime ban on employment to keep someone from working with an agricultural commodity seems like an unjust and unnecessary punishment that only raises the barriers for those who are already disadvantaged in society. We must do all we can to end this disastrous War on Drugs.”

The news is tangential to conversations we’ve had around the office. How, in an industry so forward-looking, can we at the same time look back and appreciate, even extend a hand to or assist, those affected by laws and regulations no longer in place?

Read more about Bluebird Botanicals position in the full release here.

It’s good to see companies in the space using their muscle to help bring others along.

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Bluebird Botanicals Urges Congress to Remove Felony Provision in Hemp Farming Act

In a news release, Bluebird Botanicals announced they would sign on to a letter urging congress to removed provisions banning former felons from participating in legal cannabis.

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