Hemp Lyfe CEO Believes CBD Is "Missing Puzzle Piece" To Healthy Living

By Savannah Hasty

CBD is the clear winner in the cannabis space. Market research shows that within the market, CBD sales make a majority of gross revenue as opposed to THC-containing concentrates. Unlike the psychoactive THC concentrates and marijuana flower, CBD is a cannabinoid that offers positive mental and physical side effects without altering one’s perception or mental function.

It is for this reason that CBD is widely used in consumer sectors that are not traditionally “420 friendly.” Unlike THC concentrates, CBD products can be used to facilitate better mood and work performance among other positive benefits. CBD brands have made use of this daily usability and have transformed CBD into a lifestyle. And one clear winner in this niche market is Hemp Lyfe, based in Plano, Texas.

Hemp Lyfe is at the forefront of the CBD lifestyle sector within the cannabis market. Their eco-friendly and 100% pure CBD and hemp products are made to enhance your everyday life. They have several product lines suited for all CBD needs, from getting a better night’s sleep to adding energy and focus to your workday.

To understand how Hemp Lyfe became one of the nation’s most popular CBD supplement brands, it’s important to understand the success of Richie Jaynes, CEO and founder of the brand. Jaynes has over 30 years of experience in the health and wellness sector, starting with his college career. Jaynes played football in college at Abilene Christian University, then transferred to Texas A&M Commerce University where he earned his Bachelor’s in Kinesiology and Sports Studies. He coached college football for several years before opening his own fitness center in Dallas.

Jaynes’ experience as a business owner led him to a sales and marketing opportunity for a multi-million dollar direct sales company. By 27, he developed and launched several nutritional supplement companies that had national and international success. In November 2018, he launched Hemp Lyfe, bringing a holistic and healthy way for individuals to increase performance in work, workouts, and life.

In an interview with Forbes’ Warren Bobrow, Jaynes explained why he thinks that CBD is the future of the supplement and lifestyle industries: “Having 27 plus years in the fitness space. I believe being healthy and living an optimal life is like putting the pieces of a puzzle together. They each have its place in someone’s journey toward a more vibrant and healthy life. CBD offers many qualities and benefits that vitamins can’t. We believe that CBD has been the missing piece to the puzzle… [It] is able to address someone’s health and wellness in a totally different and more effective way than we have been able to in the past.”

CBD is unlike other vitamins and supplements in that it doesn’t replace deficiencies, but rather enhances body functions for a stronger physical and happier mental state. CBD research suggests that when interacting with our body’s natural endocannabinoid system, CBD can promote feelings of relaxation, reduced pain and inflammation, and even drive focus and creativity. This research is backed by the millions of U.S. consumers who use CBD for pain, emotional stress, and improved work performance.

Jaynes explained why they chose the cannabis space to found their company, rather than other forms of nutritional supplementation: “My wife a few years ago started researching and investigating cannabis. Her mom had been diagnosed with cancer and my wife just wanted to help her mom live out the rest of her days more vibrant and quality life.”

CBD is now a common supplement used for the treatment of pain related to cancer and chemotherapy treatments. However, CBD as a supplement was not commonly available until 2018. Jaynes and his family were at the forefront of the industry, believing in the power of CBD to heal before it was widely accepted for its medicinal benefits.

Jaynes continued: “We 100% believed in the results that CBD was providing for people. So, we came up with the name Hemp Lyfe. As we wanted to create a tribe of like-minded people and create a movement and lifestyle revolving around living a more vibrant life.”

Jaynes’ story is similar to many others. The healing effects of CBD are not lost on this generation, nor are they being overlooked by the medical community. Increased research is being funded to determine the true medical benefits of CBD, and with increased research comes an increased availability of funding for CBD products in both the pharmaceutical and commercial supplement markets.

Hemp Lyfe is one of many CBD brands to bring cannabis to the mass market. Their quality guarantee offers consumers the reassurance they need to try CBD for the first time.

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