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At-Home CBD Spa Day Essentials

By Savannah Hasty

When you think of the many benefits of CBD, you likely envision a small tincture of oil used directly on the skin. This is how most CBD is sold and marketed, however many industries are creating new uses and applications for the oil. The bath and beauty industry is at the forefront. There are hundreds of at-home and professional bath and body products you can find, from professional spa services to everyday lotions and moisturizers that infuse CBD with other nourishing ingredients for a truly immersive experience. 

In recent years it is common for spas to offer CBD treatments in their services. If you don’t feel like going out, you can create your own CBD spa day by picking up some of these items at the store or your favorite CBD and hemp supplier. 

5 Essentials for a CBD Spa Day

These five products will turn an at-home spa day into a truly transformative experience. You can find many of these products on to learn more about their effects and benefits. 

Start the day with a hemp candle. Candles are used in spas for a number of reasons. They set the mood and provide a fresh and warm ambiance to your surroundings. This unique hemp massage candle provides relaxing lighting and when melted the wax can be used as a nourishing massage oil. Plus, the wick is made from eco-friendly hemp, making it a great purchase over conventional candles. Taking the time to massage your own hands, feet, or an aching muscle may be incredibly restorative, especially with this oil blend of hemp seed, jojoba, and apricot kernel oil. 

Infuse a bath with CBD bath bombs or a soaking salt. Bath bombs and soaking salts are a very common way to gain the healing benefits of CBD. They often include aromatherapy elements which will enhance the relaxation effects of the CBD. Let the bath bomb or salt dissolve in the hot water and the release of essential oils and CBD. As you soak, the CBD will absorb into the skin and give you a little mood boost before you begin or end the day. Try this bath bomb by cbdMD for a fun burst of color and intoxicating lavender, lemon, and peppermint scents. 

Moisturize with a CBD lotion. If you don’t have time for a hot bath, you can rub some CBD lotion into your skin. Hemp oil is an incredible moisturizer, while the calming CBD will help you relax and enjoy your spa day. Find a lotion or body butter that can be used all over to give yourself a restorative massage. This Populum CBD cream will leave your skin feeling smooth and supple while soothing muscle and joint pain.  

Hemp hair and face mask. Nourish your skin and hair with an eco-friendly face and hair mask. Nothing feels better than exfoliating your skin and bringing life back into your locks at the spa. You can do this at home with this hemp and manuka honey face mask from Moon Mother. These masks will provide natural hemp oil moisturizer to the skin and natural antioxidants for a radiant and fresh complexion.

CBD infused chocolate. No good self-care day is complete without a sweet treat. CBD edibles are very common and deliver the therapeutic effects straight to the bloodstream. Plus, dark chocolate is heart-healthy and the perfect treat to end the day. Pick up this Rosebud CBD chocolate and make your spa day complete. 

Remedy Review helps consumers find the right products and CBD sources for their needs. Let us know what CBD products you like to use to calm, recenter, or simply enjoy yourself. 

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