To Hemp, An American Story

By Marc Lewis

Hemp represents new life for farmers and promising medicinal potential. It also could mean a new way forward for our country. Sitting at the intersection of science, engineering, agriculture, health, and education, few issues, let alone crops, have such a potential to unite this variety of backgrounds, interests, and people.


  • More money per pound of hemp compared to tobacco. More money to grow medicine than a carcinogen.
  • A potential pain reliever that one can follow from seed to bottle. Instead of an opiate that finds itself in the news too often.
  • A return to a time when the American farmer had a voice in the future of the country.

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It’s difficult not to romanticize the potential of hemp.

Read about hempcrete. Look through history at the ways hemp played a part in art, industry, and defense. Think about adding a sustainable, plant-based protein source to your diet. And you’ll soon see hemp—the cannabis that was outlawed alongside her more psychotropic cousin—in a new light.

In fact, the whole plant is useful.

But studies on the medical benefits of hemp are limited.

As we talk about the health benefits of CBD, it’s important to keep in mind that more information is needed. The science of cannabinoids is in its infancy. We’re here to shed light on the history of hemp and the future the plant has as a natural medicine. But we’re also here to help you protect yourself and your family from the hype.

As we gather evidence-based articles on the health potential of natural medicines, we’ll talk to the good men and women who are raising our new tomorrow from the dirt, the farmers standing on the leading edge of natural health. We’ll champion the cause of some breakthrough natural remedies. We’ll also speak to scientists, researchers, and doctors who are skeptical about cannabis as a medicine, either because of the lack of information or the stigmas attached to marijuana. All in an effort to present a measured picture of hemp.

We’re here to shed light on an emerging field of study—to advance the wellness of all.

Join us as we investigate the future of natural wellness and talk about hemp-derived treatments.


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